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Tough Trip Through Paradise

released March 29th, 2024

Tough Trip Through Paradise cover art

Veteran SF indie rock outfit The Society of Rockets returns with a sumptuous set of spiritual pop hymnals, in the tradition of George Harrison, Richard Hawley, Spiritualized, and Gene Clark. Painstakingly assembled from over two years’ worth of recording sessions and augmented by a heavenly host of horns, strings, analog keys, chiming guitars and a makeshift choir.

'Tough Trip Through Paradise' is the Rockets' 8th full-length LP. It marks 20 years from the band's first album, "Sunset Homes", and 25 years from the inception of the band on the San Francisco scene as the kaleidoscopic-pop collective Shimmer Kids Underpop Association.

Recorded and mixed in San Francisco's legendary Hyde Street Studios, the LP was recorded live by the band with minimal overdubs. In keeping with the live feel of the LP, the band mixed the album by hand with producer Chris Cline (...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Scrabbel, STEREO IS A LIE), manipulated faders, pots, and switches in real time. The album was then mastered for vinyl by Gary Hobish (Willie Nelson, Dr. John, Creedence Clearwater Revival).

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Press release:
Tough Trip Through Paradise press release

The Society of Rockets are:

Joshua Babcock: Lead vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolin, bass harmonica, autoharp, percussion

Adam Dobrer: Bass

David Isbister: Acoustic and electric piano, Hammond organ

Mike Evans: Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lap steel guitar, percussion, backing vocals

Justin Walsh: Electric guitar, accordian, trumpet

Lorelei David: Bells, fiddle, theremin

Robin Wageman: Backing vocals, harmonium, electric piano, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar

Scott Grieder: Drums, percussion

Additional musicians:

Dan Harris: Drums

Strings: Agarita

Tenor saxophone: Joshua Marshall

Alto saxophone: Alex Orloff

Baritone saxophone: Carolyn Walter

French horn: Ronite Gluck

Trombone: Dan Aldag

Backing vocals: Kathy Menchaca, Roxie Dobrer, Rachel Dionne Tsacle


Recording and mix engineer: Chris Cline

Mastering Engineer: Gary Hobish

Additional engineering: Ben Aldag

past press

Babcock's best compositions blur the lines between many strains of 1960s and 70s pop and exotica, coming together on albums that sound like either an alternate version of the past, or an older version of the future.
- Pitchfork

Unearthed is the seventh Rockets album, a sonic continuation of 2016's Family Ways, for the most part mixing city-centric country-rock with Pavement-esque indie.
- Shindig

For over twenty years, San Francisco's Society of Rockets have been on a musical journey through a range of genres, exploring an eclectic mix of styles and proving themselves to be incredibly adaptable. Their songs may be varied but they have in common catchy hooks and absorbing, shimmering melodies.
- Americana UK


band photo
L-R: Justin Walsh, Scott Grieder, Josh Babcock, Lorelei David, Adam Dobrer, Mike Evans, David Isbister. Not pictured: Robin Wageman
band photo
L-R: Justin Walsh, Scott Grieder, Lorelei David, Adam Dobrer, Josh Babcock, David Isbister, Mike Evans. Not pictured: Robin Wageman
band photo
L-R: Justin Walsh, Scott Grieder, Lorelei David, Adam Dobrer, Josh Babcock, David Isbister, Mike Evans. Not pictured: Robin Wageman
band photo
Josh Babcock